Today: 14-Jul-2024


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A Much-needed Presence

We had it coming. As sure as the hii jua ni ya mvua prophecy. You know that muggy heat that threatens ...


  Man’s best friend, they said. You tell that to the birds, I was not buying. Every time I saw a ...

I Had One Job

“Yes, this is Ms. Kinuthia,” I affirmed and shot back my own question, “Who wants to know?” It was the ...

Farewell, Our Gallant Soldier

The sun has set on the earthly life of one steady and gentle soul. I have borne his name for the last ...

Not Soo Fast … It was Fasika!

While the rest of you are bustling away, for us in Habesha-land, our world came more or less to a halt. ...

A Burning Bush, Not Quite

I prayed As I had A gazillion times before Needle, inch forward, I pled I watched No movement No answer Deeper ...

A Woman of Peace

“Wagakūrū arī kīguoya mūno.” Bomb detonates. What? Wagakūrū, a coward? Never. Wagakūrū, otherwise known as Naomi Wairimu and cūcū was ...

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