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A Burning Bush, Not Quite

Mon, Apr 3, 2023

I prayed
As I had
A gazillion times before
Needle, inch forward, I pled
I watched
No movement
No answer

Deeper into the red
The needle lurched
Oh, the heartbreak
Sheer pain
Wisdom, where are you
Surely there’s a way out?

Does He hear
Does He answer
Most critically
Can He – answer?
Are you even there
Why, O Lord, why have you forsaken me

Wrung out from crying
Wrecked, sagging, slain – Job-like
Nowhere else to turn

Then there it was
A picture
With glowing lights, Not
No angelic choir
A burning bush, not quite

A plain cross, just
But I knew
He knows
A man of sorrows, he is called
Acquainted with deepest grief

On that day
The One who wept
Offered His pain
A stark solid reminder
Silent he might seem
Present, He is
In every sorrow

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